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Welcome to Kombat Kettlebells! ®

Welcome to Kombat Kettlebells, the Home of kettlebell training in Arizona and beyond. This program was developed by the experts at SWAT Fitness, who first brought kettlebells to Tucson and Southern Arizona in 2008.

Since then, we've been responsible for training, teaching, developing and mentoring personal trainers and kettlebell trainers from all over Arizona. In fact, our training program has been the launching point for many successful training studios and personal training careers who got their start with us.

You probably know by now that Kettlebells are fast becoming the most popular and functional workout choice because of the abiity of the kettlebell workout to provide a fast, effective workout in minimal time - and combines both cardio and weight training with some very simple movements.

But don't let the idea of "kombat kettlebells" intimidate you! Kettlebell training is great for beginners, weekend warriors, athletes and anyone desiring better fitness, weight loss and strength. For combat soldiers, or combat athletes, kettlebell training is imperative for functional fitness training of the whole body, improving the way that your body moves and functions. For the rest of us - it's a great way to shed pounds and inches without spending hours in a gym!

Kettlebells For Women

jenny anchondo combat kettlebells tucsonThe benefits for women are many. Training with kettlebells will tightenand tone your arms, butt, hips, and thighs, and help you lose excess body fat around the belly. In fact, we've found kettlebell training to be so effective for weight loss and improved muscle tone in women, that in addition to our Kombat Kettlebells program, we've even developed unique WOMEN'S kettlebell programs we call the Curvy Woman Workout, and Kettlebellas.

Our unique programs are specifically for women who want a fun and effective fitness program, in a supportive and encouraging environment with women just like them who want to stop focusing on weight and work out in a place where they can feel comfortable and successful.

Kettlebells For Men

And of course kettlebells are great for men, too. They'll help you lose the fat around your gut, tone up the chest and arms, and massively increase strength and power. If you want to be the man you once were, or just discover how far you can push your body - training with kettlebells is the way to find out. And the physical changes you'll experience in fat loss and increased muscle will amaze you. And the ones who love you.

And why do we love kettlebells? Easy. Proper kettlebell training delivers both resistance training AND high intensity cardio training in a quick, fat-blasting workout that gets results - fast. So no more 'cardio day' or 'weight training day.' With kettlebells, you get it all in one awesome workout! So it's not only effective, but efficient and FUN to work out!



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